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"The Siamese cat combines the grace of the panther, the fleetness of the deer, the softness of down, the strength of the tiger, the affection of the dog and the courage of the lion...they are a continual study in symmetry, grace and elegance." Marge Naples, This is the Siamese Cat, 2nd edition 1978.


Siamese cats can be traced back to Ancient Siam, which is present day Thailand. They can be dated back to 1350 in a manuscript called Cat Book Poems. It is believed that the Siamese was exclusive to Siam Royalty, and is a cross between an Egyptian cat and the wild cat found in Siam. Siamese were believed to be sacred and used to guard ancient temples. 

Although the origin of the Siamese cat can be traced back to Ancient Thailand, they were not introduced to western culture until the late 1800's. The first Siamese in America was a gift to President Rutherford B. Haye's wife from US Consul in Bangkok in 1879. Seal Point Siamese were the original accepted breed for show, however lilac, chocolate, and blue points soon gained recognition and acceptance in show.  


Coat and Body Type

The Siamese is known for its light-colored fur coats contrasted by it's black mask, ears, paws, and tail. The easily recognizable patterns of the Siamese are the result of natural genetic mutations, however they have also been used to create other breeds – among which are the Balinese, Oriental, and Himalayan breeds.

Siamese cats are sleek, muscular, and slender. They have long legs and their hind legs are usually higher than their front legs. Traditional Siamese have a wedge-shaped head with deep blue almond shaped eyes; however, they can also be apple or pear shaped. The ears of a Siamese are large, triangular shaped, and pointed. The tail is as long as the torso, tapering at the tip. The coat is short and silky with a pale body color and dense, even point colors. The contrast between the point color - the color of the ears, mask, legs and tail - and the paler body color makes for a very striking and attention-getting pattern. The Siamese is a work of art, distinct from all other breeds of cats.


The Siamese breed is very social and very talkative. They appreciate the company of others – whether human or cat. Many owners have more than one Siamese cat to keep each other company. It is not uncommon for a Siamese to follow its owner, sometimes watching your every move and other times trying to help you with whatever it is you are doing. The loyal Siamese will be by your side, on your lap, and in your bed. In addition to loyalty, the Siamese is very intelligent, agile, athletic, and loves to play. The Siamese that is busy, social, and loved is a happy Siamese. The breed is an excellent choice for families, children, and dogs that appreciate cats.  

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