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About Us

About Grant's

We are located in Plainville, in central CT. Grant’s Cattery is operated by 2 separate households of the Grant family ensuring the best possible well-being of our cats and kittens. The majority of our kittens are sold to homes in the north eastern states, but families from other parts of the country have adopted our kittens.

We do ship our kittens. Costs vary depending the time of the year and the location due to price fluctuations among airlines.  Cost includes the air flight, carrier, crate bowls, bed and a health certificate which is required by all airlines.


All kittens are vet checked and receive age appropriate shots, including deworming, before they arrive at their new homes. We allow our kittens to leave the cattery between 14 to 16 weeks of age. Kittens that leave their mothers too soon are not properly socialized and can demonstrate a variety of negative behaviors like aggression or inappropriate elimination (not using the litter box). We strive for our kittens to have the best possible life we can offer.

Our kittens are guaranteed in writing to be in good health without genetic defects. We give a congenital health guarantee for the first year of your kitten’s life. Most of our kittens are born free of kinks in their tails or crossed eyes. We carefully screen our new cats coming into our Cattery for selective breeding.

We do not support declawing and will not allow our kittens leave to a home who plans to declaw them. Declawing is the unnecessary amputation of the final digits and leads to lifelong phantom pain. Declawing is forbidden per our contract.

Our cats and kittens are fed dry and wet Life Abundance, a premium health food which is a high quality organic food with selective ingredients offering omega fatty acids, antioxidants, green foods, and much more. Life Abundance never uses corn or wheat products or artificial flavors or colors.

We are a closed cattery. We do not provide stud services.

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