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Balinese cats are Siamese cats with long silky hair and their tails has a full flowing plume.Their coats are low shedding and a single non-matting layer. Some line produce thick, lush coats that feel full and are longer in length along with a full and flowing ruff and pantaloons. They are still single coated. Thelong hair is due to a mutated gene and was considered undesirable until the 1950’s. At that time breeders in the US started the formal Balinese programs and has been trying to bring the trait back.

Balinese cats are hypo-allogenic and 90% of the time people who are allergic cats won’t have a reaction with these cats. The typical weight for a female Balinese cat is 8-10 pounds and males 12-15 pounds. They have four toes on all four paws with a dew claw on each front long. Balinese and Siamese should never have more toes (polydactyl) and if they do they are considered to be a mixed breed.


The personality of the Balinese is usually docile but yet playful, curious and very intelligent. They have been ranked one of the most intelligent cats of the long haired breeds.  These cats bond very deeply with their owners and become very loyal. They will sit by your side, on your lap and in your bed. They make wonderful companions. It not unusual for them to play fetch, carry their favorite toys around and spend their day walking around with you following you where you go.


The Balinese is very social, talkative and can be demanding at times.They appreciate the company of others – whether human or cat. When they are excessively talking to you it’s because they have a need. Maybe they want a little more attention, hungry or just looking for you. Most of the time they just want you to spend a few minutes with them. These cats don’t like being alone and many people will have more than one. These cats do better when they have a companion to entertain themselves with. They will spend hours playing and chasing each other. This breed is an excellent choice for families, children, and dogs that appreciate cats.  We do offer a discount when adopting 2 of our kittens.

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