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Specializing in Siamese and Balinese Kittens


Grant's Cattery

Grant's is a small in-home cattery located central Connecticut. We specialize in breeding Old Style Siamese and Balinese with the exception of a foundation cat that’s modern style from healthy and genetically sound lines from time to time so we may introduce genetic diversity. Our breeding program is focused on the rare colors such as Cinnamon and Fawn Points with our Siamese and Balinese lines. We also breed the four main traditional colors which are seal, blue chocolate and lilac as well as Lynx Points.

All of our cats are bred for health and temperament first, beauty second, as only loving and well-tempered cats make great family additions. We believe this breed is the most intelligent and family oriented cat available. All or our cats and kittens are very well socialized. They are not raised in cages and have free range of the house once they are liter trained. Our cats and kittens are known for their sweet and affectionate personalities. We also maintain a clean and healthy environment to eliminate the risk of disease for our cats and kittens.


Grant’s is a FeLV and FIV negative cattery. All of our cats are genetically tested to ensure the best possible health outcome before breeding. We included a combination of bloods lines into our cattery to widen the gene pool of our Siamese and Balinese to increase longevity and outstanding temperaments.


We are registered with CFA (The Cat Fanciers Association) and TICA (The International Cat Association). Our cats lineage can be traced with pedigrees. 


If you are interested in adopting one of our cats or kittens, please contact us. We look forward to talking to you on the phone or you can e-mail us.


Our Kings and Queens are more than just our pets. They are part of our family. We love them to death and they receive only the best care.

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